Welcome Zone

The entrance of the realm is where you can enjoy Lapin Hill, Whispering Meadows and Rabbit Café. This is the area where wanderers can find relaxing vibes in flower gardens and hidden mythical creatures.


The Heart of Labyrinth (Hotel Zone)

Meet King Minotaur’s servants at Labaris Greeting or lobby where the wanderers receive keys and maps, then they will be guided through the labyrinth to the resting area, Starry Castle and Midnight Castle. For those who still want to hang out under the starlight, they can proceed to the rooftop bar, Siren’s Deck.


Explore The Secret Room (Villa Zone)

Laughing Stone Garden can lure even the most dubious wanderers to Infinite Forest and Infinite Villa, the exclusive hidden resting area behind reflexion of the forest.


Tracking the Beauty of Romance

Let’s follow the silk thread and red roses enchanted by Cattle Queen, leading the wanderers to Labaris Restaurant, Labaris Town Hall and Cub’s Playroom, where the finest cuisine and impressive service await.


The Meander Wonderer

The area of beautiful garden and pool which is designed like an infinite river. Here the wanderers will be amazed by King Malkin, while some may randomly find a message in a bottle from King Minotaur, floating along the endless river.